Following the recent Age Grade Rugby Update sent earlier in the month, the RFU can now outline progress as we reach the “5 weeks to go” point before the start of the 2016-17 season. Please continue to pass on the information to colleagues and parents in your clubs, schools and colleges to help everyone prepare for kick off in September.

 Regulation 15, including Rules of Play 

The confirmed Rules of Play for each age group have been completed. These rules, along with the Age Grade regulations for 2016-17, will go live on England Rugby Regulations on 1st August along with other documents to support the delivery of Age Grade Rugby. Please share these rules, along with the previously circulated Regulation 15 and guidance information, with people across your club, school and/or college.

These Rules of Play, in which the XV-a-side game starts at U14, are the stated maximums that players can progress in that year, and it’s important that coaches and teachers ensure that players have the ability, competence and confidence before progressing.

Age Grade Rugby Brochure

A printed batch of the latest brochures have been sent to Honorary Secretaries in clubs along with Teachers in Charge of rugby in schools and colleges across the country for them to share with coaches, staff and parents ahead of the new season. The document includes confirmation of all the Rules of Play and competitive menu and helpful information to keep our players' safety at the front of everyone’s minds.

Line out at U14-U16

The line out changes at U14-U16 are confirmed and can be observed in the Age Grade Brochure and Regulation 15. Further information about these changes will follow in the coming weeks and these changes will be supplemented by a specific line out CPD and supporting video resources.

In the lead up to the start of the season we will be ensuring, via direct mail and social media, that these changes are communicated to all involved in the delivery of Age Grade Rugby. These changes, based on the principals of ”Player Centred, Development Driven and Competition Supported” should be considered by coaches and teachers within all their training sessions and games. These changes follow robust research and consultation within the game starting in 2011 and their impact will be reviewed annually.

As ever, further information can be found on the Age Grade Rugby website and if you have any specific questions on Age Grade Rugby please do contact us on Please remember to pass on this information so that everyone is informed and ready to enjoy another great season in 2016-17.

Thanks for your support.